Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prom xD

I went to prom a couple weeks ago and it was AMAZING. :D super fun..! The theme was shaing hai. They served dinner, so i learned how to use chopsticks! We ate tons of fortune cookies, then we got our boogie on..!!
I had a supercalifragalistically great date who was super sweet :) and silly, the perfect combination.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

mY AunT, tHe cRaAZED LUnnATIc....

oh, that's right! i have a blog... ;) well I'm back now! I've recently received a comment from some CRaZeed lunatic complaining that her birthday was not properly acknowledged.. well here ya go. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CATHERINE!! love you! <3

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disneyland for Halloween!

Kinda boring post. I know, but these are just some pics from when we went to Disneyland right before Halloween.

And here are some from Knotts Berry Farm!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Vacation

So, 10 days after I got back from Utah me and my fam took a family vacation! It was awesome! First, we drove for 7 hours, give or take a little, to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere called Angel's Camp. I had no cell phone reception there so if you called me and I didn't pick up, now you know why. We stayed at a Worldmark resort, courtesy of our time share. It had a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, pool and air hockey tables, an arcade, and a gift shop where you could rent movies. It was lots of fun! While we were there we took a tour of the Mercer Caverns and looked at a whole bunch of rocks.

the "cave twins" ewwwww... this is one of the only rocks they let tourists touch and as you can tell it's been touched- alot. It's so dark that you can't see how dirty it is though. My flash was on and the second I saw this picture i stopped touching them. again- ewwwww!

stalagmites- i think.

"Angel Wings"

"Simon's Thumb"
everybody had a great time

We also went to a westerny place with some old looking resturaunts and candle dipping, old fashioned candy shops, and some carriage rides that sarah, katie, and piper went on.

They had brick sidewalks too.
Another day we went and saw the world famous, giant Sequoia trees! That was awesome!

tree roots:

dylan and jake climbing on a tree STUMP

A hollowed out log

Piper inside one of the many nature-made hollowed out logs.

"The Siamese Twins"

lots o' trees

the world- famous tree you can walk through

another hollowed out log- this time with Piper AND Katie

These beautiful leaves with the sun shining through...

After 4 days in Angel's Camp we drove about 4 more hours to an even smaller and more out in nowhere town called Nice. I had reception there!!

In between Angel's Camp and Nice we drove through Sacarmento and saw the State Building

In Nice, we went and saw more trees. This time it was the world-famous Redwoods. With the world- famous tree you caan drive your car through! yippeee...

SOME people took naps and woke up with a mysterious mohawk that wouldn't go away. hmmm....

The Living Chimney Tree..

View from inside the chimney tree going straight up.

Then we went on a little hike to Eel River

Then we jumped in! whoops! Forgot our bathing suits! Strip down everybody!

After another 4 days and we woke up early and began our 10 hour car ride back home.... through San Fransisco.. and across the Golden Gate Bridge!!

and we saw a WHOLE BUNCH of THIS!!